the passion of two sisters

About Us

We are two Portuguese sisters passionate about fashion and design, and it is with this passion that we founded BELB in 2021. Born in the iconic 90s, we grew up among sewing machines, fabrics and the precious pieces made by our grandmother and mother.

Our connection with fashion is deeply personal. We inherited not only creativity, but also entrepreneurship and a love for art and design. From an early age, designing and creating clothes was our passion. Hence BELB was born, a project where we want to share our vision: exclusive, limited and high quality pieces, designed by women and for real women, with real bodies.

We believe in fashion that makes you feel comfortable and confident, celebrating the authenticity of each woman. At BELB, you not only find clothes, but also a part of our history and dedication. Thank you for being part of our dream!



Authenticity and elegance

Our Vision

At BELB, our vision is clear: to create women's fashion that celebrates individuality and authenticity. Specializing in pieces perfect for festive occasions and urban style, our aesthetic is best described in three words: feminine, exclusive and timeless.

Our focus is dedicated to designing unique, limited and high quality pieces. We create each design thinking about real women, who have real bodies, always prioritizing their comfort and confidence. We believe in the strength and sensuality of women, in the freedom and control they exercise over their lives. Our muse, the "belb girl", embodies this enchanting duality - young but mature, strong but sensual, free but controlled. She is the essence of the modern woman, a 21st century "femme fatale", confident and sophisticated.

In addition to bold designs, we are committed to quality and sustainability. We manufacture exclusively in Portugal, guaranteeing custom-made designs with meticulousness and attention to detail. We consider our carbon footprint and work sustainably, reducing waste and opting for raw materials that have the lowest possible climate impact.

At BELB, we don't just create clothes; We bring a vision to life, celebrating real beauty and timeless elegance in every piece we produce. Together, we are shaping a world where fashion is more than just dressing - it's an authentic expression of self.

Welcome to the BELB universe, where your uniqueness shines!